How I use my Nikon D90 – Part 3 (White Balance)

In this section, I will explain the White Balance (WB) setting that I use with my D90.

I don’t have to tell you how important the White Balance is, in digital photography. It’s all the more important if you are taking picture in JPEG. You have no way to adjust the white balance on a JPEG picture, so make sure to set the correct white balance before you start shooting.

Now, if you are shooting in RAW, you have the option of fine tuning the white balance with post processing software such as CaptureNX or Photoshop. I shoot in RAW, but I always try to set the correct white balance before shooting. I don’t have the time to work on the white balance afterwards, so I prefer to get the correct WB even if I shoot in RAW.

I leave the default WB setting to AUTO in the menu and adjust the WB using the button on the back of the camera before I take any picture. When shooting indoors, one could always use the predefined WB setting such as incandescent or tungsten.  But here is what I do; I dial the WB to ‘K’ (WB button + main dial) and then use the sub-dial on the camera to adjust the Kelvin value. Then I take a series of pictures to set the Kelvin value that gives me the best match for the scene. Try it next time, you will see the difference.

When shooting with a Flash, I use the flash WB. When outdoor, I sometimes use the cloudy or shade WB to get the extra amber tone to my pictures.

I’ve never tried the ‘PRE’ settings. So I can’t comment on that. Also I would like to use the Grey card sometime to see how that works.

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