Transfer/backup your on-camera pictures as often as you can.

For a change, this is not one of my mistakes, but by a friend of mine. SD and SDHC cards are so cheap these days that, we often find a 4GB or 8GB card in everyone’s camera. I use a Sandisk 8GB card myself.

This past weekend, my family and I went to Door County,WI with a few of our friends. My friend, who’s also a photo enthusiast was shooting all day with his camera – a Canon and towards the end of the day, while he was reviewing the pictures on camera, he accidentally formatted the card. Oops!, he lost the whole day’s work in a matter of seconds.  He tried to conceal his frustration and agony by declaring that ‘it’s not the end of the world’. But I know, how upset he was.

So the lesson here is to backup your on-camera pictures as often as you can. Also, this is a warning to all those, who use the high capacity cards these days, including myself. We tend to use a single card to capture the shots and sometimes, it will be days, before the pictures are transferred to the computer or a backup device. I guess nobody wants to loose their work accidentally or by mistake. Well, ‘you learn from my friend’s mistake’.

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4 Responses to Transfer/backup your on-camera pictures as often as you can.

  1. Roopak says:

    My Back up process is thus:

    I have couple of smaller Sandisk Compact Flash cards. Two 512 MB, One 2GB for my Canon EOS 20 D. Having smaller capacity cards is good, that way you are forced to backup your pictures before you can re-shoot.

    Once a shoot is complete, i generally copy the pics from the shoot on to my PC the same day. I do not delete/format my memory cards until I have made a 2nd copy on an external hard disk drive and also burn the pics to a monthly DVD back up. At the end of the month, once the pics are backed up on DVD, then I format the memory cards (or use the other blank cards for any shoot during the month).

    Yes, SanDisk has some recovery tools. Google search shows a few others which has trial recovery of limited number of pictures. If that works, then one can buy the Full version.

    Hope this helps.

  2. jazzman says:

    there is software , that even if you format the card , you may be able get the images back, I know you can retrieve deleted images, but as soon as you realize your mistake do not wright any more pictures to that card, if you over write the area where those images were stored , then they are lost forever

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