A trip to Galena, IL

The city of Galena is located in the north western part of IL. We heard a lot of good stories about Galena, so we decided to spend a few days there (Aug 6&7, 2010). We were able to rent a reasonably priced cottage near the Apple Canyon lake. After a few hours of drive, we got to the place and, we were surprised to see a large bigger than expected house, in the middle of the woods. Common guys, we were not frightened by the uneasy calm around the house or the occasional howling of a owl/bird at night. Seriously, none of us were scared of a thing 😉

Our gang (a few of us with family and kids) has the reputation of staying late at night, generally playing cards or gossiping but this time we found ourselves talking about Ghosts!!!. (Did I tell you ? there was a Wicked Witch Welcome Sign hanging at the front door.)

Anyways, the stay was nice, we ate a lot, had a barbecue the next day and we even managed to go to the city of Galena and to Alpine Slides. But the most enjoyable part of the whole trip was not the Ghost stories, not the barbecue, not the gossips but the stop at a Vineyard, on our way back. (Any objections gang?).

Enough stories, right? Here are some pictures from this trip.


The Vineyard

Hats on Unbrella

and finally, the reason why we loved our stop at the Vineyard.

Half full (not half empty)

Please see more pictures from this trip at my Flickr gallery.

Thanks for visiting. Comments and critiques are welcome.

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