Indoor Pictures and White Balance

When taking pictures indoor, especially in tricky lighting conditions, the auto white balance or the preset values (tungsten, florescent etc) may not give you the best and accurate color.  This is particularly true in case of indoor courts or with concerts or stage programs. Here is a tip that you can use in such cases. Dial the WB setting to K (custom WB) and adjust the Kelvin value and take some trial pictures.

Start with the K value for tungsten (2500-3500 K) or fluorescent (4000-5000 K) and vary the value until you get a picture with colors matching to what you see with the naked eye. The process may sound cumbersome, but it’s very easy when you get the hang of it.

(Yes, I hear the argument in favor of post processing, but I would prefer to get it right in the camera itself. Don’t be lazy folks, it’s doable, trust me)

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